News 2008

September 2008: Cool Silicon

Signalion receives public sponsorship as part of the research project “Cool Silicon” read more ->

August 2008: Signalion wins contract in China

Signalion to supply LTE-TDD Air-Interface Test-Solution to Chinese customers. read more ->

June 2008: Rohde & Schwarz and Signalion start LTE IOT

Rohde & Schwarz and Signalion start of a series of interoperability tests (IOT) sessions for their LTE test equipment. read more ->

June 2008: New Boad Member Hartmut Kremling

Hartmut Kremling has been appointed to serve as a member of the Signalion’s advisory board. read more ->

June 2008: Signalion opens new production facility

Signalion GmbH has opened a new production facility for its 3GPP LTE Air-Interface Test- and Measurement Equipment. read more ->

May 2008: Signalion offers CPRI

Signalion has started shipping test-UEs with CPRI interface support. read more ->

March 2008: Signalion wins contract

Signalion has entered into a contract with a leading supplier of cellular mobile infrastructure. read more ->

March 2008: MWC Summary

Signalion, has presented a joint over-the-air LTE -demonstration together with Alcatel-Lucent showing HD-Video transmission using advanced MIMO-concepts. The SORBAS LTE Test-UE platform is the basis for LTE infrastructure testing solutions offered by Signalion and its partners Catapult and Tektronix. read more ->

January 2008: Signalion at the MWC Barcelona

Signalion presents the latest status of its Sorbas Test-UE platform for innovative testing of eNBs at the Signalion booth in Hall2 (2J18). read more ->

January 2008: Signalion delivers MIMO-capable Test User Equipment to LTE-Field Trial

Signalion supports field trials within the EASY-C project with 11 other industrial and 3 academic partners, including infrastructure equipment manufacturers like Alcatel-Lucent with MIMO equipment. read more ->

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