News 2010

August 2010: Polaris Networks and Signalion announce collaboration for LTE Test

Polaris Networks Inc., USA and Signalion GmbH, Germany, both leaders in providing test solutions for Wireless Infrastructure manufacturers and operators announced a collaboration between the two companies. As a result of this collaboration, the companies would launch comprehensive test solutions for LTE Access equipment. read more ->

May 2010: Rohde & Schwarz and Signalion completed first interoperability tests of their TD-LTE test platforms

Rohde & Schwarz and Signalion announced today the completion of a first series of interoperability tests (IOT) sessions for their TD-LTE test equipment R&S® CMW500 and SORBAS. These tests are used by both companies to verify their compliance with the current status of TD-LTE specification. read more ->

March 2010: Signalion is successful with customized platform-based LTE test solution

Signalion, a leading provider of test solutions for LTE radio access infrastructure rises at the increasing demand for highly customized test solutions. "The LTE infrastructure test business will no longer be only a box shifting business”, says Tim Hentschel, CEO of Signalion. read more ->

January 2010: Signalion to launch new test tools at MWC 2010 in Barcelona

Signalion has responded to the fast acceptance of LTE as a global wireless standard by increasing the usability of its Sorbas 200 LTE Test-UE with an extended tool -set. This will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The tool-set simplifies inter operability tests (IOT) as well as automated regression testing. Thus customers are able to increase their product quality and productivity by generating more tests more quickly. In addition, the new tools will shorten test times by significantly enhancing the level of automation available. read more ->

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