Signalion to launch new test tools at MWC 2010 in Barcelona

Dresden, Germany

Signalion has responded to the fast acceptance of LTE as a global wireless standard by increasing the usability of its Sorbas 200 LTE Test-UE with an extended tool-set. This will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The tool-set simplifies inter operability tests (IOT) as well as automated regression testing. Thus customers are able to increase their product quality and productivity by generating more tests more quickly. In addition, the new tools will shorten test times by significantly enhancing the level of automation available.

With the launch of TeliaSonera’s world first commercial LTE networks in Sweden & Norway, a new phase is starting for LTE technology vendors around the world. LTE is moving away from research labs & closed club field trials and will be used by customers in their daily lives. This results in increasing requirements for liability, stability and performance of LTE infrastructure. With the Sorbas 200 LTE Test-UE customers are well prepared for that new step of the LTE success story.

Please read the full press release (pdf, 17 kb) >>

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