Signalion Rises to the Challenge of Automated LTE eNB Testing

Signalion announces the availability of a new option of the SORBAS LTE Test-UE with a particular focus on automated LTE eNB testing.

As LTE is maturing it is necessary to increase the testing efficiency. Automated overnight tests are one means to meet this requirement. Signalion’s latest product option of the SORBAS LTE Test-UE allows for an increased efficiency of automated overnight tests of LTE eNB in variable radio environments such as LTE FDD and TDD or different propagation environments.

The solution comprises several RF interfaces that are controlled by the SORBAS Test-UE enabling to connect with SORBAS different LTE FDD eNB as well as TDD eNB and run automated overnight tests in variable radio environments without the need of changing the cabling.

“Customers have asked us to provide a radio interface solution that facilitates automated regression tests of LTE eNB under changing radio conditions. The main requirements were no change of the cabling as well as no additional controlling effort. The latest SORBAS option meets those requirements and thus provides a means to boost the efficiency of LTE eNB testing in automated test environments”, says Tim Hentschel, Managing Director of Signalion.

This new option is part of the recently announced frequency agile radio front-end SORBAS410.

For more information please read the full press release >>

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