Sumitomo Electric uses Signalion’s RHT100 for Remote Radio Head Testing

Signalion, a leading supplier of LTE radio infrastructure test equipment, announces that the Japanese company Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has decided to use Signalion’s revolutionary test solution RHT100 for testing their remote radio heads (RRH/RRU).

Remote radio heads (RRH) are a key part of today’s wireless infrastructure. They play an important role in the so-called single RAN approaches of several leading mobile network operators. A remote radio head is mounted on the mast very close to the antennas and interfaces with the antennas via very short RF feeder cables. This avoids the considerable power losses associated with traditional long feeder cables from the mast to the base station on the ground. The interface between the eNB and the RRH is a digital interface, typically in accordance with the OBSAI standard or the CPRI standard.

The RHT100 connects to the RRH via its RF and its CPRI interfaces. It generates the test signals and test sequences and analyzes the signals coming from the RRH. Providing the functionality of an RF signal generator, an RF signal analyzer, a CPRI signal generator, a CPRI signal analyzer including real-time decoding of LTE signals, the RHT100 is a very compact solution.

Particularly short testing times can be achieved with the RHT100 making it a perfect tool for production testing. Open interfaces make the application of the RHT100 easy also in research and development.

Sumitomo Electric uses RHT100 for testing their TD-LTE RRH model TRU-2640.

“Sumitomo Electric was very impressed about the extremely short testing times. This and the very compact and integrated form factor are key to increase the testing efficiency and have played an important role in the selection process of RHT100 again”, says Jürgen Zimmermann, RHT100 product manager at Signalion.

For more information please read the full press release >>

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