Signalion Removes Need for Remote Radio Head in Development, Trial and Prototyping

Dresden/Germany, March 30, 2012 – Signalion’s successful radio frequency (RF) module in AMC form factor AMC-SRRM replaces Remote Radio Heads (RRH) in development, trial and prototyping environments.

It has become popular to use RRH in environments for the development, trial and prototyping of wireless systems. These RRH are designed for an application in real life networks and therefore do not always fit to the needs in development or during trials.

Signalion’s AMC-SRRM is an RRH in AMC form factor and can be integrated into any standard µTCA system. The main advantages of the AMC-SRRM in this application are its wide tuning range, its scalability and its small size. Beside these advantages it provides an interface for customizing the digital front-end processing. Consequently, Signalion’s AMC-SRRM has been successfully integrated into LTE systems, WiMax systems, satellite communications systems and more.

“Size matters. This is one lesson we have learned in the past. The small form-factor of our AMC-SRRM along with its wide tuning range and the support of the µTCA standard has made the AMC-SRRM a popular replacement for RRH in development, trial and prototyping environments. ”, says René Nüßgen, Product Manager for the AMC-SRRM.

The AMC-SRRM is the first in the market RF module in the AMC/µTCA form factor. It supports the frequency bands of 200MHz …. 2.7GHz as well as 3.3GHz … 3.9 GHz.

For more information please read the full press release >>

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