Signalion Launches the First LTE CPRI-Analyzer SIQMA

Dresden, Germany, November 1, 2012 – Signalion announces the launch of its new CPRI analyzer SIQMA. It is a new type of test and measurement product by which Signalion rises to the challenge of new wireless networks equipped with remote radio heads (RRH/RRU).

SIQMA facilitates a vendor independent evaluation of the LTE uplink (UL) signals.

The SIQMA analyzer is characterized by an easy installation and configuration as well as a fast signal analysis. It is suitable for lab tests as well as for maintenance and troubleshooting of LTE base stations in the field.
SIQMA analyses the baseband signal captured from the optical link between the RRH and the baseband processing unit of the base station. Additionally, it converts the optical digital signal back into an analogue radio signal to enable the use of existing analogue measurement equipment such as spectrum analyzers.

The UL signal received by RRH can be measured while the RRH is still in operation. Real-life signals are analysed without disturbing or distorting the LTE cell. Thus, interfering signals or malfunctions and misconfigurations of an RRH as potential causes of trouble can easily be detected. Mast climbing is no longer necessary in case of tower mounted RRHs since the signals are captured at ground level.

In short, SIQMA is an easy-to-handle, cost-effective and resource saving tool for development, maintenance and troubleshooting of LTE base stations.

For more information please read the full press release >>

More information about SIQMA

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