HaLo - Going wireless in the earliest design phase

It has always been the dream of wireless system designers to leave the surface of simulation and take off for a real wireless transmission. Dedicated, custom tailored solutions have been the only way of setting up such demonstrators/prototypes so far.
Germany based Signalion’s hardware-in-the-loop solution HaLo provides the simplest ever means to transmit data over the air directly out of a simulation environment such as a C-program or MATLAB. Available in June, the smallest version of HaLo provides 2 transmit antennas and 2 receive antennas for smart antenna transmission (MIMO) with up to 60 MHz channel bandwidth in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The HaLo hardware consists of small stand-alone boxes for the transmitter and the receiver that are connected to the simulation PC via USB. Signal processing inside the transmitter and receiver is realized mainly by an RF-transceiver IC by Infineon, a XILINX Virtex-II FPGA, and a TigerSharc DSP TS201 by Analog Devices.

The typical operation of the system is to create data streams in the simulation environment and to transfer the data from the simulation environment to the HaLo transmitter via USB. A real-time radio transmission of the data follows. The signals received by the HaLo receiver are transferred back to the simulation environment which performs the remaining signal processing and analysis.

Contact: matthias.stege@signalion.com

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