Why Joining the NI Dresden Team?

As a company in the wireless communication business, NI Dresden offers challenging positions. Having started the business in 2003 under the name Signalion, NI Dresden is a well established solution provider for wireless communication system design and prototyping, but still with the spirit of a young, dynamic and international team.

Working for a wholly-owned National Instruments subsidiary, you have the chance to start an international career.

We are located in Dresden, a city that uniquely combines a 800-year historic, baroque background with the pulsing high-tech multi-billion Euro semiconductor businesses that have turned the region into Europe’s number one silicon site. Besides the hard facts, many of the city’s 500,000 people have decided to come here for the unique, charming setting of architecture, museums, music halls, bars – and surroundings that offer gentle vineyards, wooded hills, and bizarre rock formations in the Dresden Elbe Valley.

Who are we looking for?

Our aim is to attract exceptional people and to offer solid perspectives for their careers.

If you have:

And if You are:

Then you may find interesting positions below:


System-Architekt Hardwareentwicklung (m/w)

Software-Architekt (m/w)

Analog Designer Hardwareentwicklung (m/w)

Senior Projektleiter Softwareentwicklung Wireless (m/w)

Junior Projektleiter Softwareentwicklung Wireless (m/w)

Junior Software-Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w)


Praktikum: Mobilfunk - Schrittmotorsteuerung für 5G mmWave Radio Heads (m/w)

Praktikum: Mixed-Signal-Verarbeitung mit der NI Software Defined Radio Plattform (m/w)

Praktikum: Carrier Aggregation und Dual Connectivity mit NI SDR Plattform und LTE Application Framework (m/w)

Praktikum: MAC/PHY Interface für LTE/Wi-Fi Koexistenz Testbed (m/w)

Praktikum: PHY-Layer Algorithmenentwicklung für LTE/Wi-Fi Koexistenz Testbed (m/w)

Praktikum: Mobile Nachrichtensysteme Implementierung von IoT mit dem USRP (m/w)

Praktikanten (m/w) im Bereich Charakterisierung von Messsoftware

Praktikant / Diplomand (m/w) im Bereich Programmierung Massiv Paralleler Algorithmen

Praktikum: Mobile Nachrichtensysteme - mmWave Multi Gbit/s Transmission for 5G Wireless Systems (m/w)

Praktikum: Mobile Nachrichtensysteme - Standardisierung von 5G Funksystemen (m/w)

Praktikum: Mobile Nachrichtensysteme - Prototyping von Mehrantennensystemen für 5G (m/w)

Internship "Algorithm improvements for a 802.11 OFDM based physical layer implementation (m/f)"

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